Walls and walkways that wow

Nothing finishes an outdoor paradise quite like walls and walkways – the ideal answer to punctuating the beauty and glamour of your property’s esthetic. With warm weather making a big comeback, now’s a great time to learn about the latest ideas and choices. Before you plan your projects, take a look at what you need to know, with some advice and useful info from your friends at Stone Center.

Walls 101: When it comes to landscaping, a retaining wall does double duty. It not only holds the soil on one side, it’s freestanding on the other – accenting your backyard and showcasing your home’s good looks. Walls help even out changes in grading, allowing you to level off a hill smoothly, for example, and create more usable space. Since they support a tremendous amount of weight (soil, water hydrostatic pressure), the best walls need to be strong as well as gorgeous. That’s why the right materials and a trusted contractor are key for an enduring investment that amps up your home’s splendor and value.

Designed for living: Blending form and function, the perfect wall becomes the focal point of your property. But where – and how – do you begin? It all starts with a visit to our stunning indoor/outdoor showrooms where you’ll see some dazzling walls in action. We’ll help you choose your signature style and design your project through every step. If you like a contemporary vibe, you may love the look of ledgestone – stacked, rectangular pieces with rough dimensional surfaces and jagged edges that lend a midcentury modern touch. If you’re more of a traditionalist, you may prefer walls that transport you to an old English garden. Or maybe your heart lies in the rugged beauty of the Southwest. There’s a cast stone wall for that, too. And don’t forget to add extra room for guests by considering seating wall options!

A walk to remember: With so many things going on in your yard, from patio to driveway, a lot of homeowners forget to think how to connect everything with grace and purpose. Avoid a disjointed landscape by adding a magnificent walkway to tie it all together. Walkways set a mood, guide your guests through your property and add safety. The first step is deciding if you want a formal or informal walk. A formal garden path features straight lines, 90° angles and classic materials, while an informal design curves its way from area to area. To see the industry’s finest walkways come to life, explore our displays at any of our three locations in Richmond, Manassas and Fredericksburg.

Finishing touches: Walkways can begin in your front yard, adding extra curb appeal, and continue all around your property…including your sidewalk. So it’s important to keep a careful eye on every detail of your project. If you’re seeking a little more drama in your life, you may want to vary the width of your garden path or artistically mix paver colors and textures. Outdoor lighting is also essential, so be sure to investigate path lighting, from lanterns, lamps and posts to recessed fixtures and solar illumination. And have a brainstorming session with your landscaper who can offer expert suggestions on plantings that highlight your walkways, like boxed hedges or freeform wildflowers.

We can’t wait to meet you and get started on your wall and walkway designs. Our showrooms are overflowing with a wide variety of the latest products from Nicolock,Techo-Bloc, NewLine, EP Henry, Belgard and more!